About Us

The authors of this blog, Vaibhav and Aishwarya started dating when they were around 14 or 15 and had to stay in a long distance relationship since then. In the beginning they could only see each other a couple times a week which then went on to become only a couple times a year. Close to 10 years afterwards, the news has been broken down to their parents, friend circles are intertwined and they are still going strong.

Throughout their journey they have been asked about how they managed to do this for so long and the only answer they could give was, “It was difficult but we somehow did it.” 

After giving it a good amount of thought and witnessing several long distance relationships coming to an end or having rough patches the duo eventually thought of starting a project- What The Distance, to help people dealing with issues they have dealt with a major part of their lives, with not just each other but their parents too, who stayed in different cities. 

What The Distance aims to enhance lives of people living in long distance relationships of any kind, be it parents and children, couples, friends and even colleagues. Our aim is to give our readers the right information and resources to deal with the challenges of living in a long distance relationship. 

With the blog we aim to provide scientifically backed and experientially proven knowledge to people who want to take their relationships to the next level. We also aim to provide curated stories of people dealing with similar stories like yours through our instagram handle @whatthedistance. People from all walks of life have written to us from every part of the world. We have stories of best friends, parents whose children moved away, couples who saved their relationships despite distance and so on. So, do check it out. 

Not just that, we also hunt for the best ideas you could use to take your relationship to the next level. Be it choosing the right gift for your loved ones on different occasions, finding something interesting to do or figuring out answers to difficult questions.We try to cover everything in the best possible way. But our efforts would be futile if we just gave you the theory and not the real guided steps to help you improve your relationship. We therefore bring curated lists of guided DIY ideas, tools, books, games etc. that you can implement in your lives and change it for real.