• How to deal with a long-distance relationship breakup
    “It’s over!” – the screen flashed.  I couldn’t believe what I was reading. I couldn’t believe one of my most precious relationships was coming to an end- three years after  I gave it my all, over a whatsapp message. I had to ask repeatedly if he was serious. He said, “yes” every single time.  We … Read more Home
  • Long Distance Relationship Quotes: Top 10 for every category
    Any relationship, be it of siblings, parents and children, friends, acquaintances; have their own requirement of frequency and expression of love and care. In long distance relationships this phenomenon becomes slightly more complicated because one- you can’t see each other and two- you have given each other a special place in your lives which no … Read more Home
  • 32 Best Long Distance Relationship Gifts- that will definitely work
    We might know everything about our partners but when it comes to gifting a lot of us get cold feet. That is majorly because of the fear of not choosing the right gift and even if we do the fear of messing something. To help all of us we have listed down 38 best long … Read more Home
  • How to maintain a long distance relationship: A Practical guide
    Schedule your time with each other well We often get to hear, “you don’t give me enough time” in long distance relationships. The major reason for this is that we don’t know what the other person is doing at different points throughout the day. We often feel that instead of doing a particular activity that … Read more Home